Billionaires on the Bus & What Part of Green Don’t You Understand?

Seniors and veterans will tour from Kansas City to St. Louis on September 18th and arrive at Washington University in time to stage a protest against former Comptroller David Walker’s bus tour and presentation pushing for severe cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ benefits.  The tour will stop in Columbia at 11:30 PM for a rally and arrive at Washington University at 3:00 PM for a protest and rally.

The protest is against the “Ten Million a Minute Tour” backed by hedge fund billionaire Peter G. Peterson.  Peterson has been a long time advocate of privatizing Social Security and Medicare.  Walker, Peterson, and other supporters of the “Ten Million a Minute Tour” are also pushing for congressional approval of the Simpson-Bowles recommendations for reducing the deficit.

Simpson Bowles will hit an already suffering middle class harder than the 1%.  The billionaire backed tour is designed to build broad bi-partisan support for Simpson-Bowles, which is an anathema to retiree and veterans’ groups.

We’ll get a report from some of those on the bus, as they return to Kansas City.


Also, The Green Impact Zone was met with quite an impact recently, but no amount of greenwashing could spin this as green.  Some old growth trees were taken down, to facilitate a smoother, straighter sidewalk.  We’ll hear from Bill Drummond and some of his colleagues at Emerald City about what’s going on with this.

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