Carl A. Stafford, founder/visionary, My Region Wins! addressing injustices and issues in KC neighborhoods

Carl A. Stafford is a local artist (graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute in 2006) founded a non profit organization whose name is a rallying cry: MY REGION WINS!  Carl invisions his region, Kansas City, as a cultural epicenter that empowers creativity that demonstrates and displays environmental best practices. Since its inception in April of 2014, My Region Wins! (MRW!), has dedicated itself to empowering Kansas City neighborhoods with self-sufficiency, natural stewardship, and grassroots pushes for socioeconomic change.  The MRW! mission is to transcend everyday challenges by using the Arts to nurture creative and underdeveloped ideas that shape society. The MRW! vision is to create a larger influence of the Arts and nature.  MRW! programs and projects address environmental and social injustices and issues.

host/producer/engineer: Donna Morrow Wolfe

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