Carl A. Stafford, founder/visionary of My Region Wins! on habilitating dreams


Carl A. Stafford, artist, is founder and visionary of My Region Wins! a Kansas City creative non-profit organization.

My Region Wins! programs and projects are created to address neighborhoods’ environmental and social injustices and issues. MRW! work “is done at the intersection of the Arts, nature, and neighborhoods.” MRW! is dedicated to empowering the neighborhoods of Kansas City towards self-sufficiency, natural stewardship, and grassroots pushes for socioeconomic change.  From Blight to Boon is one of  MRW! programs, A 100-Year Artistic Journey established in 2020 through a partnership with Heartland Conservation Alliance.

Again this year, Carl Stafford will be the keynote speaker at the Heartland Conservation Alliance Martin Luther King, Jr. Nature Walk, an annual event where HCA gathers its partners and the Kansas City community for a walk that elicits listening, reflecting, and honoring the words of Dr. King.  HCA maintains that Dr King’s words resonate with us today and they use a walk to highlight his words “because for many, nature is a place of peacefulness, awe, and inspiration.” HCA hopes “the walk can be restorative and provide a serene tradition for Kansas Citians.”

The MLK Jr. Nature Walk is in-person and will follow a paved path beginning at the “15 and the Mahomies” Playground at Martin Luther King Jr. Square Park. The walk takes place Monday, January 15, 2024 9am-1:30pm, Martin Luther King, Jr. Square Park, Kansas City, MO

Host/producer/engineer: Donna Morrow Wolfe

Co-host: Karen E. Griffin


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