Crown Crafted Music Series: Kadesh Flow

Join us for a recorded one of a kind live performance of Kadesh Flow. Kadesh is a rapper with an MBA, a trombone Super Saiyan, and a Billboard Charting recording/performing artist. He brings all of the above together, both on recordings and on stage, in riveting form as he actively blends his jazz and hip hop backgrounds. Kadesh blends personal, candid lyrical moments and storytelling with call-outs to history, social issues, anime, video games, and anything else that may inspire him at the time.

Kadesh is a member of the NPC (Nerdy People of Color) Collective, through which he is working with founding member Mega Ran and fellow NPCs such as EyeQ and Creative Mind Frame to both collaborate on fun, relevant content and foster a community for underrepresented nerd enthusiasts. Currently he is lighting up stages around the country, gracing such events as Official SXSW Showcases, MAGFest, PAX West, Anime Expo, Momocon & Otakon, as well as various other music festivals and venues throughout the continental U.S

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