Cultivating Women’s Leadership

Young women across the U.S. are stepping boldly into their power. From the heart of Native American and urban communities, this generation of engaged women is taking leadership beyond old models of hierarchy and self-sacrifice. Vickie Downey, Rha Goddess and Lateefah Simon express the soul and passion at the center of new collaborative, egalitarian approaches to promoting positive social and environmental change.

Rha Goddess is an internationally renowned performance artist, activist and social entrepreneur. As CEO of Divine Dime Entertainment, Ltd. she was the first woman in Hip Hop to independently market and commercially distribute her music worldwide. Her activist work includes founding and running the young women’s performance movement, We Got Issues!, and producing The Hip Hop Mental Health Project and the play The Meditations Trilogy. Rha is a 2008 recipient of the National Museum for Voting Rights Freedom Flame Award for her outstanding work in the field of arts and civic engagement.

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