David Cobb – A Declaration to Amend

Concerned about the influence of money in politics? You should be. Politics looks more and more like an auction with seats going to the candidate who raises the most money. The so-called level playing field is now heavily tilted toward the wealthy. Democracy is fast becoming a cashocracy ruled by plutocrats who control the purse strings. The January 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision–money equals free speech– has opened the proverbial floodgates. The ruling gave a green light to them that’s got to give as many greenbacks as they want to buy elections. Corporations and rich fat cats can now give unlimited amounts of money funneled through super PACs to the politician of their choice and much of it is secret. A concerted grassroots effort, Move to Amend, is being made to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United.  

David Cobb, a lawyer and activist, was the Green Party presidential candidate in 2004. He is a leading voice in the Move to Amend the Constitution to repeal corporate rights.

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