Discovering Your True Self and True freedom

Kevin O’Donoghue and Niseema Dyan Diemer ask five critical questions to help you discover your true self and so find true freedom.  This show is part one of a two part series.  The second part, “The Importance of Saying “NO” will be aired next week on the August 5 edition of the All Souls Forum.

As children, we learned how to get our needs met by believing what our parents said about us and then giving them what THEY needed. In this show, we separate the negative messages our parents would have us believe about ourselves from what really could be our true strengths and our true liberation.

Kevin O’Donoghue, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, is the Director of the Positive Mind Center.  Niseema Dyan Diemer, a Licensed Massage Therapist and trauma specialist, is the Director of Development for the Positive Mind Center. They both host The Positive Mind Radio Show, from which this series is taken.

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