Earth Day 2021: Making Peace With Our Earth

Originally, Bryce Reeder, Assistant Political Science Professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia was to speak about the macro elements of the Paris Climate Accord; however, due to an emergency, Dr. Reeder was unable to make the presentation.

In place of the discussion of the Paris Climate Accord and to celebrate Earth Day 2021, the All Souls Forum will present a special program from PEACE TALKS RADIO. This program presents the highlights of its coverage of the environment and climate crisis issues over the years. The special program includes evergreen conversations about how climate change threatens peace on the planet; comments and action from individuals reacting to catastrophic accidents that have threatened the environment; creative thinking about responding to “climate anxiety.”

The All Souls Forum on May 20, 2021 will feature a detailed discussion of the Paris Climate Accord, presented by Robin Martinez.

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