Ep 7: Student Debt, Safe Staffing for Nurses, Elite Panic over Shoplifting

Is student debt a mechanism to discipline workers? In our Special Feature with Jason Wozniak, we discuss the interplay between student debt and control of students and workers. In our D&S Debrief, Chris Sturr interviews Michelle Gonzalez and Nick French about how New York State Nurses Association won safe staffing – the right number of staff to take care of patients. And our Econ 101 feature asks – what is behind elite panic over shoplifting?

#StudentDebt #NursesStrike #Shoplifting


  • Special Feature with Jason Wozniak (Debt Collective: https://debtcollective.org/)  (2:26 mins)
  • D&S Debrief with Michelle Gonzalez (New York Nurses Association) and Nick French (Jacobin Magazine) (28:11 mins)
  • Econ 101 on elite panic over shoplifting (43:40 m)

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