I Am Because I Am: The Expansion of Gender Identity

I Am Because I Am explores the expansion of gender identity and presumed roles in our society, a look beyond the socially constructed ideas of what is male, female, masculine or feminine, especially considering the Trump administration’s attempts to redefine gender to be solely based on a persons genitalia at birth, thus potentially threatening transgender, intersex and non-binary Identity.

In this show we’ll ask the questions, what does it mean when individuals challenge specific societal expectations of gender? In the case of intersex individuals, how are these ideas of gender challenged? In the spectrum of “queer identity”, how does one embody masculinity, femininity, or neither? And how are communities responding to the potential threat of erasure?


Sean Saifa Wall, an intersex advocate, Niki Khanna, a family therapist, Eden Ana Luna of the Transgender Economic Empowerment Project, Kray Lit of YR Media, Terry Sok Wolfson and Aliyah Baker of Qulture Collective, Chaney Turner.


Special Thanks to YR Media for the feature, “Meet Me at The Club”.

Host: Anita Johnson

Making Contact Producers: Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani and Monica Lopez

Guest Producer, Freelance Reporter: Kray Lit

Executive Director: Lisa Rudman

Web Editor and Audience Engagement Director: Sabine Blaizin

Outreach and Distribution Assistant: Dylan Heuer