Faith Groups Outraged As Biden Expands the Trump Era Banson Asylum

Faith leaders across the political spectrum are calling President Biden’s expansion of a Trump-era ban on immigration an immoral decision that will lead to more human suffering. From Washington, DC to New York to El Paso Texas, we hear how the border policy runs counter to current laws and is a betrayal of the lessons learned during World War II and how advocates and volunteers are working to help new arrivals navigate the obstacles and challenges to seeking asylum.

“We are Deeply Disappointed”
Two years ago on the campaign trail, President Biden promised to end the inhuman border policies that barred migrants seeking asylum from entering the United States. Instead of ending the use of Title 42, faith leaders describe how new proposed rules and laws will expand its use. Leaders of the oldest refugee resettlement organizations describe how the new policies create an unfair wealth test that runs counter to our nation’s promise to offer refuge to those facing violence and persecution. And Joan Rosenhauer of the Jesuit Refugee Services USA joins to offer reactions to the State of the Union message.

“We Don’t Have a Migrant Crisis We Have an Affordable Housing Crisis”
The leader of the New York Immigration Coalition Murad Awawdeh is undeterred in his advocacy for migrants. The oldest coalition of immigration groups in New York is leading efforts to secure housing, shelter, and support for new arrivals seeking refugee and support in making their asylum cases. He describes how the New York City faith-based communities and networks have risen to meet the needs for shelter, food, and much more.

“I have not lost faith in the American Dream”
Jovana Nieto is the coordinator of the Migrant Accompaniment Network and she is on a mission to recruit volunteers to support newcomers on their journey to making the US home. She describes why she feels a special connection and responsibility to help each migrant find a companion volunteer to support their journey.

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