Feeling Good In Healthy Ways In Under 2 Minutes with Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson has made a lifelong study of what makes people happy and has discovered some powerful principles that, when practiced, can turn your life from misery, complaint, anger, and sadness to one of happiness, delight, and kinship. He gives many tips as to how to create more joy and balance in your life such as taking a moment to “spoon” with your partner when emotions start to escalate. He gives us a brilliant question that will connect us to strangers on a profound level, even in the briefest of encounters. He is constantly looking for the kinds of questions we can ask ourselves that deepen our connection with others and help us to focus our minds in a good direction. For example, he challenges us to look at what we would choose to be doing if we had a million dollars and were required to work 40 hours a week. He says, “In other words, what is the work that you find so rewarding or important that you would do it for free?” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, workshop leader and keynote speaker. His work has been translated into 47 languages. He’s made numerous appearances on the Oprah show, CNN and many other national TV shows. He has spent over 35 years studying the most practical and powerful methods for personal and professional development.

He’s the author of:

To learn more about Jonathan Robinson’s work go to www.findinghappiness.com.

Topics explored in this dialogue include:

  • How to redefine success by not resisting our fear of rejection
  • How to release anger in healthy ways
  • Why Robinson went to India to learn about gratitude and what he discovered
  • How the simple mantra, thank you, changes your perspective
  • How Robinson contacted a teacher who inspired him 25 years ago in order to thank him
  • What is a magical, opening question to get to know people quickly
  • What is the “Three Good Things Exercise” to boost happiness

Host: Justine Willis Toms      Interview Date: 3/29/2014

Program Number: 3504

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