From the Vault: Nuclear Energy Teach-In

The Pacifica Radio Archives contributes to the Pacifica Nuclear Special by presenting both treasures from the archives on the subject.. but also a new interview with Dr. Michio Kaku from March 26, 2011 on unfolding Japanese Nuclear disaster.

content includes:

1958 Linus Pauling Edward Teller debate on Nuclear technology

1962 interview with Lord Bertrand Russell on Nuclear Morality

1979 montage covering the 3 Mile Island disaster

1979 Survival Sunday Anti-Nuclear event Actuality from Los Angeles with Graham Nash, John Sebastian, Jackson Brown, Gil Scott-Heron, Ralph Nader.

1984 speech by Coretta Scott King on the cost of the nuclear arms race

2007 interview with Survival Sunday alumnus Jackson Brown, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raiit, Harvey Wasserman and Dr. Michio Kaku. The group presented a petition to Congress to end the licensing of Nuclear Power Plants in 2007.

2011 interview with Dr. Michio Kaku on the unfolding Japanese Nuclear disaster and thoughts about American Nuclear Policy.

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