FTV#338 2012 Season Review, Part 6

Documentary Pioneers Albert and David Maysles
Spend some time with documentarian brothers Albert and David Maysles,  whose unconventional subject choices led to groundbreaking films such as Salesman (1968) and Gimme Shelter, the iconic 1970 film chronicling the infamous (and deadly) 1969 Rolling Stones performance at the Altamont  Speedway in northern California. First, from 1971, David Maysles speaks  candidly about his experiences with Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith  Richards, and other elements of the Rolling Stones before and after the  infamous concert at the Altamont Speedway; then, in 1976 Albert Maysles  discusses the cult film classic Grey Gardens.
Rudy Gernreich, Fashion Icon
Hear a fascinating 1971 interview with controversial twentieth century  fashion designer Rudi Gernreich, who gained fame in 1964 for his “Monokini” (topless swim suit for women).  Perhaps his most striking  presentation, however, was the show for his spring collection for Harmon knitwear in 1971, in which Gernreich accessorized his clothing designs  with Mao caps, desert boots, dog tags and rifles; the show was an effort to publicly expose the intersection of art, fashion, and the resistance of embattled women. Interviewed in January 1971 by KPFK’s Clare Loeb,  Rudi Gernreich explains his controversial fashion show and discusses his career and life.

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