Gay in the Eyes of God: The Series Finale

Buddhist Teachings on SexualityBuddhism is known for its diverse teachings and practices. When it comes to sexuality, it’s no different. Get the scoop–from Tibetan Buddhism to Soka Gakkai.

Listen to Maureen’s conversation with Bill Aiken from Soka Gakkai International-USA.

Other stories in this week’s show:

The Conclusion of Our Series
Gay in the Eyes of God

Homosexuality and Hinduism

Journey from the ancient tales of same-sex encounters between Hindu gods to the lives of conservative South Asian immigrants. 

Listen to Maureen’s interview with Professor Vinay Lal. 

Beyond Male and FemaleAn anthropologist explains why our views of sexual orientation and gender are always bound by culture. He introduces us to alternative genders in religious communities around the world, including in India, North America, and Papua New Guinea.Listen to Maureen’s interview with Professor Gilbert Herdt. 

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