Greg Palast on Threats to Voting Rights

Greg Palast is the author of Vultures’ Picnic and The New York Times bestsellers Armed Madhouse, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and the soon to be released Billionaires & Ballot Bandits – Election Games 2012. In 1996, Greg Palast filmed the first investigation of the Koch brothers. In 2000, Palast uncovered how Katherine Harris purged 56,000 African-Americans from Florida’s voter rolls.  In 2004, Palast, for BBC Television, uncovered Karl Rove and Tim Griffin’s caged voters.  In 2008, Palast, with Bobby Kennedy Jr., busted the Karl Rove attack on ballots – from ID games to firing US prosecutors. And now, in 2012, there’s once again a full-scale attack on the right to vote. Greg shares the whole story with Tom Klammer, Tuesday at 6pm, so you better listen.  And for God’s sake, Tell Somebody!

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