Healing The Body By Clearing Emotional Energy

When we feel pain in our body, it is usually a sign that something is wrong. When we experience injury, illness, or disease, we treat the symptoms with medication, physical therapy or alternative medicine. But sometimes treating the symptoms isn’t enough. Our bodies are often telling us that there is a disruption in our energy flow that is keeping us from getting well. Amy B. Sher discusses her experience with a recurring illness and all of the treatments she tried before discovering that she could heal herself by tuning into her emotional energy. She discusses a variety of methods for exposing the underlying energetic blockages and ways to clear them. Becoming aware of any negative thoughts, vocabulary and beliefs, and clearing them, will aid healing. Our internal environment, she says, is like the soil that feeds the roots of a tree. “We need to go into the soil of our beings which is who we really are, our soul, our body, our mind, our spirit…you have to shift the environment that you live in, and by environment I mean ourselves as sort of an environment, an emotional spiritual environment, in order to effect the leaves which are our body parts, our muscles, our glands, instead of just trying to chase the symptoms in each part of our body.” Many people, she says, are carrying around negative thoughts, beliefs or emotions that are being expressed as some kind of ailment in the physical body. “Negative emotions and beliefs about ourselves disturb our natural environment for health and I believe that is what needs to be dealt with in order to heal permanently and completely.


Amy B. Scher is an energy therapist who uses energy therapy techniques to help those who are experiencing illness and those in need of emotional healing

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