Homeless in Kansas City Radio Hour 8am to 9am (Psychic Talk pre-empted)

Your show hosts, Tom Edmondson and Susan Sanders are stepping from behind the KKFI Board of Directors desk and go behind the 90.1 FM studio microphones to share interviews with people in the homeless community of Kansas City telling their amazing stories of how they became homeless and how they survive day to day and how we can help them.

Tom and Susan hit the streets of Kansas City and met with three organizations who help the poor and homeless in the Greater Kansas City area.  Operation Breakthrough, Synergy Services and Care of Poor People Inc.  You will hear interviews with representatives of each organization on what they do for the homeless and poor and the various programs they provide and what we can do to support their efforts in our community.

Stay tuned after this hour for the national “Homelessness Marathon” that will continue from 9am to 5pm Sunday, October 21st. For more information about this go to

For more information  about the Kansas City Homeless Programs visit:
Operation Breakthrough – http://www.operationbreakthrough.org/
Care of Poor People Inc. – http://www.coppinc.com/
Synergy Services – http://www.synergyservices.org/


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