Human Rights: Not Just For Humans (& Corporations) Anymore?

The courts have ruled that in the US, Corporations have the same rights as people But do our communities and natural ecosystems have any rights? How about our bodies, right down to our cells and genetic material? Do they have rights? And how can we defend them? On this edition, Thomas Linzey and Katherine Davies argue that in order to defend our bodies and our environment, they must be given rights under the law.

Special Thanks to Pirate TV and the Sustainable Path Foundation.

Katherine Davies, Center for Creative Change Director at Antioch University in Seattle; Thomas Linzey, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund Executive Director

Host: Andrew Stelzer
Producers: Jen Chien, George Lavender
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
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Production Interns: Lisa Bartfai, Eryn Mathewson
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