The Road to Hope for Jackson County Children

Due to issue encountered during recording of this podcast, the presentation described below will not be available.  The description is left in place to preserve the links to resources referenced in the presentation.

In its stead, we offer a re-broadcast of a presentation from January, 2023.  Jackson County Children’s Services Fund board members Ann Mesle and Judy Morgan will talk about how the fund and its partners combine care, connections and creativity to provide hope against child poverty, abuse and neglect by promoting children’s mental health and social-emotional well being.


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Improving democracy by improving media in France

Romary Daval, General Secretary of Un Bout des Médias (“a purpose for the media” in French), a citizens’ group campaigning for media independence, discusses Un Bout des Médias. They work to improve the functioning of democracy in France by improving their media. They lobby for changes in law to give journalists greater control over editorial policy. They also raise funds for investigative journalism organizations. A better understanding of Un Bout des Média may help people in the US work more effectively to improve the media and democracy. 

Un Bout des Médias was founded by Julia Cagé, an economics professor at Sciences Po in Paris, one of the top political science universities in France. Her book on Saving the media: Capitalism, crowdfunding and democracy appeared in French in 2015 and had appeared in 10 other languages by the end of 2016. She is perhaps the leading expert on the impact of the media on political economy. Un Bout des Médias is like a combination of, which lobbies for media reform in the US, and the Institute for Nonprofit News, which provides help with both fund raising and editorial assistance for news nonprofits, in the US.  


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