Israel’s Response In Gaza with Ami Horowitz

This episode is our first installment of a two-part series that will see sympathizers of Israel and Palestine giving us updates on the war taking place in Gaza. Todays guest is fellow journalist Ami Horowitz”a Jewish, conservative-leaning reporter, and a friend of the show. He has gone underground with Hamas to research and report on the ongoing conflict in the region. In the first half of todays episode, we discuss the feelings in Pro-Israeli circles now that global support has shifted away from Israel in support of Palestine. We also discuss some other developments since Amis last visit to our program.

In the second half of todays show, we discuss some of the speculation, misinformation, and disinformation associated with the IDF and Israels response to the attacks on October 7th. Next weeks episode will ensure that Pro-Palestine sympathizers will be able to address these same topics, so be sure to tune in!

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