Israel’s Response In Gaza with Suzanne Aslam

This episode is our second installment of a two-part series that will see sympathizers of Israel and Palestine giving us updates on the war taking place in Gaza. Todays guest is Suzanne Aslam, former Miss Arab USA, actress, activist, and a friend of the show. She has spent time in Palestine working with a peacekeeping team and has a deep, personal understanding of the occupation in Palestine. In the first half of todays episode, we discuss the feelings in Pro-Palestinian circles now that global support has shifted away from Israel in support of Palestine. We also discuss Suzannes responses to some of what was discussed on last weeks episode about the narrative in Pro-Israeli circles.

In the second half of todays show, we discuss some of the developments since Suzannes last visit”including her thoughts on Joe Bidens SOTU address, the organization of the Arab-American community at the polls to show the Democratic establishment their dissatisfaction with Bidens support of Israel, and some of the now-debunked narratives that were initially associated with Palestine.

Our Way Black History Fact is about a book called Black Power and Palestinea must-read for anyone wanting to know how deep the activism roots go between these two communities.

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