James and Janice Nunnelly on community service through activism and advocacy

James (aka Grand Dad)  and Janice Nunnelly (his wife and high-school sweetheart) are well known in the Kansas City community for health care advocacy, youth outreach and youth mentoring. Jim is a retired health care executive, the founder and administrator of Jackson County COMBAT, a progressive anti-drug program that emphasized treatment over prison terms for drug use. Jim hosted Generation Rap, for many years, a Saturday morning youth program broadcast on local commercial radio. Nunnelly has been a human rights activist, since the 1960’s as a teen in Columbia, MO, participating in anti-segregation sit-ins.

Now as activists, the Nunnellys focus on the central role of healthcare as an economic base in underserved communities, considers food as medicine and promotes ways to embrace healthy living.


Host, producer, engineer: Donna Morrow Wolfe

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