Life in a Polygamous Marriage, and the Church of England’s Glass Ceiling

Twenty-four kids. Three wives. One husband. Introducing the Darger family, Orthodox Mormons who turn to the original teachings of Joseph Smith.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons | Hans Musil
The Church of England’s Woman Problem? November 28, 2012
After 12 years of debate, the Church of England finally voted on the question of whether to allow women bishops -and the answer was “no.” The measure was just six votesshort of passing, and it’s caused an uproar in Britain. Thegovernment is now threatening legal action to reverse it.

Trevor Grundy, reporter for Religion News Service

and Deutsche Welle 

Credit: Courtesy of the Darger family
The Darger Family: Love Times Three November 28, 2012
Picture this: it’s Sunday morning and your congregationof twenty-something people gathers for church. Exceptthat the service is in your house, and all those peopleare your family. That’s a typical weekend for the Dargers,a Utah family of 27 who say they’re going back to the

original teachings of Joseph Smith.Pictured above: Maddie,

Logan, Sabrina, Tavish and Kyley Darger in 2006.

Joe, Alina, Vicki, and Valerie Darger, authors of

Love Times Three: Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage

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