Mindfulness on Capitol Hill and Gay Rights in the Episcopal Church

Mindfulness isn’t just for Buddhists – or people with extra cash to spend on meditation retreats. Catholic Congressman Tim Ryan says everyone has the ability to sit still and be ‘in the moment.’ We speak with the five-term Ohio representative about his belief that this ancient Buddhist practice can help our distracted nation.

In recent years, the Episicopal church has changed its rules on homosexuality, creating same-sex blessings and ordaining gay clergy. That hasn’t gone over well with some conservative members, many of whom who have formed their own, unofficial churches within the wider Anglican Communion. One of them is the Right Reverend Julian M. Dobbs.Bishop Marianne Budde, the spiritual leader of some 40,000 Episcopalians in the DC-Metro area, shares the church’s official stance on homosexuality. She says attitudes are rapidly changing, and reflect a widening acceptance across all mainline churches.

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