Murad Baheyadeen and Noor Higley

We’ll have two esteemed guests — Noor Higley and Murad Baheyadeen, both Muslim but with different topics. Join us for a very interesting show… we’ll be taking your calls!

Noor is co-founder of the Muslim Civic Initiative which aims to engage American Muslims in local politics. They can be found on Facebook.

Murad’s values and beliefs were instilled in him at an early age.  His parents inspired him to follow in their footsteps. Murad believes that giving back to the community by mentoring our youth is the best way to better the future.
Murad is the Co-Founder of MOVE (Men of Vision and Empowerment) which is celebrating its 4 year anniversary.  As a teen, he was active in the community as a member of ADHOC Group Against Crime.
Murad graduated from Central High School in 1986, and continued to be a role model as a young adult. He worked at the YMCA and in the community with “Mothers in Charge” and the Police Athletic League.  He has also been a mentor in Hickman Mills School District at Dobbs Elementary for two years. He is employed at UPS and has been for over 30 years.

He is also blessed to be Husband to Zandra Baheyadeen, a vibrant, supportive wife, with an infectious smile and Father of 3 bright and intelligent children. Two Sons and one Daughter, who are also active with their father working to improve the future for our youth.

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