Nazgol Ghandnoosh on Criminal Justice Racism, Stephanie Simon on Pearson

This week on CounterSpin: FBI director James Comey received praise for saying that police officers should recognize their own racial biases. But a new report says eliminating racism in criminal justice is about more than what’s in a cop’s mind. We’ll speak with the report’s author, Nazgol Ghandnoosh of the Sentencing Project.

Pearson as PacmanAlso on the show: How does a company become wildly profitable and market-dominant–with little or no evidence that its products and services are effective? And the business it’s in is…testing students and teachers? We’ll talk to Stephanie Simon, senior education reporter at Politico, about the power of Pearson.


Black Lives Matter: Eliminating Racial Inequity in the Criminal Justice System, by Nazgol Ghandnoosh (Sentencing Project, 2015)

–“No Profit Left Behind,” by Stephanie Simon (Politico Pro2/10

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