Nepal Advances, Russia Regresses + More

Here’s what’s on tap on this weekend’s installment of This Way Out:

Nepal’s leading gay activist rises above Western politics, while a Russian lesbian writer confronts her homeland’s growing homophobic fascism. In the news: Jamaica’s sodomy repeal debate motivates escalating violence; a California lesbian couple wins post-“DOMA” disabled veteran benefits parity; marriage equality revolts engulf U.S. localities; worker-unfriendly WalMart romances same-gender partners; and more LGBT news from around the globe.

Featured guests/speakers:

Masha Gessen; Sunil Babu Pant.


Hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle. NewsWrap reporters: Pamela Brooks and Michael Allan; producer: Steve Pride. Correspondents: “Sapphic Nomads” Katie Cook and Maggie Young; Theme Music: Kim Wilson. Additional content: The Who, The Beatles, Bob Seger; Jason Proctor.



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