Nia Becker, RN, BSN, Thoughts on Reversing African American’s High Risk for Common Chronic Dis-eases

Nia F. Becker RN, BSN, (aka) Mama Nia Makeida, founder, owner, Executive Director/Administrator of I+Nity CCPRX providing home health care to homebound individuals in underserved communities, endeavors to empower patients and families to live at their optimal level of health. Nia maintains that “to modify the risk factors of African Americans and those struggling with poor social determinants, there must be modification of systems, societies, communities, families and individuals”.

Navigating through the healthcare system to ensure medical access and needs are met requires skill and a fire for advocacy. According to Nia, “The only way to truly heal society of it’s ills is to reach those falling through the cracks. This is my mission, as I journey through self- healing and helping/ serving others.”

Nia Becker has worked as a nurse for 26 years. In the hospital setting: mental health; pediatric, adult and geriatric, women’s health; labor/delivery/mother-baby. In the home-health setting, her experience includes psychiatric, mother-baby, and geriatric-disabled patient visits. She has worked for twelve nursing agencies in a range of roles, from field nurse to Director of Nursing. Her passion is helping patients to heal, maintain optimal health, and manage their disease at home.

Nia has studied many cultural traditions, dance forms, religions and healing techniques from Africa to India, while living in Atlanta, Chicago, New Mexico and Kansas City. She attended the College of Natural Healing in New Mexico, studying Ayurveda, herbology, massage, color/aromatherapy and midwifery. She began pursuing her nursing degree to become a nurse-midwife, and a naturopathic healer.  Her four children were born naturally at home with a midwife. She has found it imperative to learn both Western and non-Western schools of thought and is excited to see them coming together in the main stream medical world. Nia is currently working towards acquiring an MSN/ Nurse Practitioner’s degree.

Host and producer:  Donna Morrow Wolfe

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