Passing the Mic

Where Interfaith is Going

Maureen is happy to introduce the new host of the show, Amber Khan. Her interest in interfaith dialogue and activism started early. When she was in third grade, her parents enrolled her in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield, Ill., where she found herself explaining her beliefs as a Muslim at the age of eight. This was the first of many formative experiences that inspired her career in public interest work. And she wants to make sure the conversation Interfaith Voices started in 2002 keeps going.

Where We’ve Been

Maureen Fiedler is a Sister of Loretto whose life work focused on advocacy, activism, and academia before she came to radio. But when she was 60 years old, she found herself in an entirely new career: at the mic of a brand new show about religion and current events. But the change didn’t happen overnight; it all started during one fateful drive through the Pennsylvanian countryside. Incoming host Amber Khan talks to Maureen about how the show got on its feet and what it’s been like to host all these years.

Reflecting Back: Carrie Newcomer

We’ll end today’s show by looking back at one of Maureen’s favorite interviews, with musician Carrie Newcomer in 2008. With her deep, earthy voice and gift for lyrical songwriting, Newcomer has been called folk music’s “Prairie Mystic.” Newcomer is a practicing Quaker, who weaves her faith’s values of simplicity and peace into her music.

Carrie Newcomer is a Quaker musician, whose most recent album is The Beautiful Not Yet.

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