Rites Evolve: From the Olympics to Eco-Burials

The interplay between culture, politics, and personal practice at the Olympics and in a new movement that includes approaching death and dying differently. Conversations with religion reporter Kelsey Dallas from the Desert News in Utah and then a documentary story about Caroline Young’s journey working to build a community-oriented memorial sanctuary in Western North Carolina.

Religion and the 2022 Winter Olympics
Religion Reporter Kelsey Dallas talks about the ways religion is showing up at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. From calls for a boycott over religious persecution and human rights abuses to the struggle of finding spiritual support in Covid bubbles, Dallas covers the personal and the political. Along the way sharing some of her favorite Olympic moments and why the games remind her of a religious celebration.

What is a Good Death
For Buddhist lay minister Caroline Yongue – the journey to change the way we think about death, dying, and the impermanence of suffering began decades ago. In this special report from Jess Engebretson of The Spiritual Edge comes the story of how Younge came to run a small green burial cemetery in Western North Carolina. The sanctuary is part of a larger project to change how Americans approach death and grief — creating new ways to live with loss, from the ground up. This story was produced by The Spiritual Edge in partnership with USC’s Center for Civil Culture and Religion

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