Divinity, Aliens and the Cosmos

The Ancient Search for Meaning in the Sky

Every human culture has looked to the night sky to understand itself. In the stars and planets we see order, beauty and mystery–and often a spectacular glimpse of the Divine. Cosmologist Nicholas Campsion explains why the cosmos has long been at the core of world religions and asks us to question how we view the night sky in the modern world.  “People who suffer from light pollution are really missing out,” says Campion. “To be deprived of the sight of the night sky– to never notice the rising sun or a full moon–is like to never see the ocean, to never see a mountain….it’s not to be fully human.” Campion recommends you visit the UK’s movement to reduce light pollution, the Campaign for Dark Skies.

Learn about our sacred stellar history with this author of Astrology and Cosmology in the World’s Religions.

Would Contact with Aliens Change Religion on Earth

There will be a moment – perhaps as soon as twenty years from now – when humans make contact with intelligent alien life. And when we do, a host of theologians, scientists and religious leaders will be prepared with questions. Will knowing we’re not alone in the universe change the way we understand humanity? Will it change the way we understand God?  Featuring Douglas Vakoch, President of METI International and Ted Peters, professor of theology at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and member of the Advisory Council of METI International.


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