Small Actions Lead to Big Results: Micro Activism with Omkari L. Williams

If you are part of the tribe of change-makers and are an active participant in helping to create a better world for all, this deep dialogue is for you. It addresses the question: How do we keep ourselves “in the game” when we become overwhelmed, dispirited, and downhearted by the enormity of needs in today’s challenging times? Williams gives us some powerful suggestions for a sustainable form of activism that she describes as micro activism. Williams believes that the size of the action isn’t the point. What matters is that we take regular action. These can be done in a small amount of time and don’t take a huge amount of energy, yet they have a cumulative effect that is disproportionate to the individual effort they require. Together these millions of incremental steps lead to a tipping point. Indeed, over and over history has shown this to be true. Explore the power of micro activism in this program. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

Omkari L. Williams has devoted her life to change-making. She leads activism workshops and trainings and is the host of the podcast Stepping into Truth, where she interviews activists from all walks of life.

Omkari L. Williams is the author of:

  • Micro Activism: How You Can Make a Difference in the World (without a Bullhorn): Small Actions Equal Big Results. (Storey publishing 2023)

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