Stop Working On Yourself And Start Living with Ariel & Shya Kane

Hosted by: Justine Willis Toms

The Kanes spent many years and all their savings working hard on themselves to bring about positive change. Exhausted by it all they discovered that “working on themselves doesn’t work.” They have found that transformation can happen in the instant. Shya Kane tells us, “transformation happens when you notice how you’re being without judging yourself and it’s over. It happens in an instant, outside of time. Transformation happens exponentially in all areas of your life, not just in those areas you think you want to change.”  With their unique view from personal experience the Kane’s wisdom is surprisingly simple, but not easy. They give us tools to move beyond our habits of trying to create a better future by repeating the past. The four principles that are key to their philosophy are:
1) Listening
2) Anything you resists persists
3) In the current moment you can only be exactly how you are
4) Anything you allow to be exactly as it is, without judging it will complete itself. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

Ariel and Shya Kane are award-winning authors, seminar leaders, and business consultants. Their books includeHow to Have a Match Made in Heaven (Ask Productions 2012), How to Create a Magical Relationship (McGraw Hill 2009),  Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work: The 3 Simple Ideas That Will Instantaneously Transform Your Life(McGraw Hill 2009).To learn more about the work of Ariel & Shya Kane go to

Topics explored in this dialogue include:

  • What are four principles that will transform your life
  • How can we notice ourselves and our actions without judging
  • Why does what we resist persist
  • How can we transform the patterns we collected as a child
  • How you can truly change a negative habit
  • How change is incremental but transformation can happen in an instant
  • How your environment, such as a clean or cluttered desk can give you instant feedback on current moment
  • What is meant by write once, read many: a code that is repeated over and over in your mind
  • How is surrender–letting go to the circumstances as they are–more effective than acceptance,
  • What is the difference between making a choice and making a decision

Program Number: 3447     Hosted by: Justine Willis Toms     Interview Date: 8/6/12

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