Taking Back the Country from the Nation: Finding the Light in the Shadows

Brain research shows us clearly that “what fires together, wires together.” Or as others put it, “What we appreciate, appreciates.” Where we put our attention counts. What that can mean in practical terms is that focusing just on the problem can magnify the problem.


As a society, we have created a virtual obsession with the problem – a detailed daily taxonomy of grisly tales of collapse, corruption, destruction, exploitation and violence. If what fires together wires together, are we reinforcing these negative patterns to the point of no return?


At what point do we turn our focus to solutions? And might the kernel of the solution be contained within the problem itself? And how do we turn “analysis paralysis” into positive action to cut through the knot of negativity?


These are the kinds of challenges that James Hillman says we need to confront in the mirror: of both our society and ourselves.


Hillman is one of the world’s foremost Jungian psychoanalysts and diviners of our collective unconscious. He has spent much of his recent career sifting through the psychic and cultural ruins of modernism and post-modernism. In this program, he asks a provocative question: has the predominant intellectual approach of our age—an approach that delights in skewering moral purpose or fixed truth — has it somehow sapped our energy and determination to transform a failing world? Can we cut through the tangle to actually act to make a positive difference?

James Hillman is a world-renowned scholar, international lecturer, path-finding psychologist, and author of more than twenty books. He spoke at a recent Bioneers conference.

Join us for the next half hour as we explore “Taking Back the Country from the Nation: Finding the Light in the Shadows” with James Hillman.

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