The Biggest Faith Stories of 2022 Part Two

DESCRIPTION: We continue the conversation by taking a look at the religion stories that made headlines in 2022 and are likely to continue into 2023.  Religion news editors Kalpana Jain and Dilshad Ali hail from different outlets, but both keep a close eye on how beliefs and evolving spiritual practices shape the world. This week, we look at global stories.

Top Global Stories
Kalpana Jain, the senior ethics and religion editor at The Conversation.US describes how the Orthodox churches in Ukraine and Russia have become part of the military campaigns and war and the implications for the faithful.  From Ukraine to Iran, Egypt and India, Jain offers context, history, and analysis on the biggest global stories likely to appear in the headlines in 2023.

The conversation with Kalpana Jain continues.

Another perspective
Dilshad Ali is a veteran journalist and the editor of the news and commentary blog Haute Hijab where her team features stories for a unique audience: Muslim women.  With a global readership and attention to stories often under-reported in mainstream outlets, Ali shares her top picks of stories that began in 2022 that will be relevant in the coming year.  Including the recent news that the Taliban in Afghanistan issued a ban on women attending university.

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