The First African-American to Lead Episcopal Church & ‘Chaplains’ Comes to PBS

Bishop Curry Moving Beyond “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant”

The Christian denomination once known as the church of the white Protestant establishment has elected its first African-American leader, Bishop Michael Curry. He joins us to talk about the more welcoming future of the Episcopal Church, and to reflect on the spirituals and hymns that his grandmother used to sing, which still inspire him.

How Chaplains Offer Comfort During “the Most Existential Moments of Our Lives”

You can find them in hospitals, prisons, businesses and even Congress, serving as spiritual guides through life’s most fragile moments. A new documentary, Chaplains, explores the difficult and surprising role of chaplains in all areas of life. This week, we meet two of the film’s chaplains: one from a Hollywood retirement home, the other from a children’s hospital. With guests Martin Dobelmeier, director of Chaplains, now airing on PBS stations across the country, Rev. Kathleen Ennis-Durstine, senior chaplain at the Children’s National Medical Center and Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg, chaplain for the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s senior care and retirement center.

Pope Francis’ First Visit to Africa

First the United States, now Africa: last week, Pope Francis visited Uganda, Kenya, and the Central African Republic, marking his first trip to an active war zone. Speaking in a slum and a mosque, the pontiff addressed the continent’s widespread corruption and poverty, and the need for reconciliation between Africa’s Muslims and Christians. We learn about the larger meaning of Francis’ visit in a region where Catholicism is rapidly expanding. With Heidi Vogt, East Africa corespondent for The Wall Street Journal.

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