The Rise of the Unaffiliated, Loretto’s Jubilee, and More

Introducing the ‘Nones’

If someone polls you about your religion and you choose “none of the above,” welcome to one of the fast-growing groups of people in America.
People who describe themselves as atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular now make up nearly 20 percent of the American population.
Pictured: Kim Weeks, who describes herself as “spiritual but not religious”.

The Loretto Community: Trailblazing Sisters

Maureen takes us on a journey to Kentucky hill country–to the home base of her community, the Sisters of Loretto. It’s a story that began 200 years ago, when three pioneering women trekked from the east coast to provide education for the local children.
Pictured: the Loretto Motherhouse, the homebase of the community.

Supernatural Spirituality

Time was, we humans turned to the gods to explain our strange spiritual experiences. Now we have a new source: science fiction movies.

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