Favorite homespun stories from Eddie Holahan in a live recorded show in Viroqua, WI (10.07.23) called The View From Here.

The View From Here is a weekly five minute essay about this funny, desperate, beautiful life. If Confucious and Andy Rooney co-authored a radio broadcast, it would sound like The View From Here.

What was it like to stand next to those magnificent Ocean Liners of the 50s and 60s? Which composer’s birthday did Eddie’s brother celebrate every year? How much can it really snow in the midwest? And how can a grandfather give a unicorn to his granddaughter?

Eddie Holahan began writing and reading The View in 2010 after a long career inventing toys and games. He was born and raised in New York City and currently resides, happily, in Southwest Wisconsin.

The View From Here is an independent production originating in the studios of WDRT, Viroqua. The stage show was a fundraiser for WDRT Viroqua, WI.

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