Your host, Justin Mog, sits down for a rich conversation across the Pond with Wayne Visser in Norfolk in the United Kingdom. Dr. Visser is a renowned storyteller, speaker, idea-monger, meme weaver, pracademic, and author of the new book, Thriving: The Breakthrough Movement to Regenerate Nature, Society, and the Economy” (2022 Fast Company Press).

Dr. Wayne Visser is a globally recognized pracademic, and the author/editor of 41 books, including non-fiction books and poetry collections, and has been a guest columnist for The Huffington Post, The Guardian and the World Economic Forum. In addition, he has published over 330 chapters, papers, articles, blogs and reports. He works as an enthusiast for thriving, a strategy analyst, a sustainability academic, and a documentary filmmaker.

He has been recognized by Trust Across America as one of the worlds top 100 thought leaders in trustworthy business and named a top-100 sustainability leader by ABC Carbon. Dr. Visser currently serves as head tutor, fellow, and lecturer at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, as well as professor of integrated value at Antwerp Management School, where he holds the worlds first academic chair in sustainable transformation. Learn more at

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