Urban Connections: Into the Lion’s Den with Poet/Educator Lloyd Daniel

On Urban Connections, September 21st, poet, educator, activist Lloyd Daniel discusses the art, craft and science of writing poetry .A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Lloyd C. Daniel is an educator, poet and advocate. His image and words have appeared in numerous venues, including CNN, ABC, NEWSWEEK magazine, as well as, the Washington Post and the Final Call newspapers. He’s been heard on the National Black Radio Network and on National Public Radio.

Lloyd, a former member of the Missouri House of Representatives, delivers an engaging and inspirational presentation that combines thought provoking lecture on politics, history, culture, and economics with his unique brand of poetry and satire.

Rep. Daniel served as a professor with the National In-Service Teacher Education Program of Grenada, West Indies, during the Maurice Bishop administration. He has held the position of Instructor in the School of Education and the Department of Social Science, at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and in the Social Science Division, at Penn Valley Community College.

An experienced college instructor, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree, from the University of Kansas, a Master’s degree from the University of Connecticut, both are in educational theory. He also holds 21 post-master’s hours from UMKC in Education and History. Lloyd is author of the books, “Radio Free America” and “Objective Reality”, both published by Undercurrent Press. His most recent work “Liberation Education: A Strategy for the 21st Century” is a provocative compilation of political essays, poetry, and alternative learning models. It’s published on New Democracy Press. Lloyd is a convener and founding member of the Midwestern Free School, the New Democracy Movement, the Kansas City Media Project, and the Kansas City Leadership Institute. Lloyd has also served as Assistant Department Director for Missouri’s Department of Economic Development.

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