Witch House Etc.

The Pipeline Episode #53 – Witch House Etc. Playlist:

01:07AM-01:09AM (1:50Pixies “Something Against You” from Surfer Rosa (CD, Album, Rock) on 4AD

01:09AM-01:11AM (2:19Pixies “Cactus” from Surfer Rosa (CD, Album, Rock) on 4AD

01:11AM-01:13AM (2:15Jay Reatard “nightmares” from Blood Visions (Rock) on Fat Possum Records

01:13AM-01:15AM (2:08Jay Reatard “Death Is Forming” from Blood Visions (Rock) on Fat Possum Records

01:15AM-01:21AM (5:25Spider Bags “Eyes of Death” from Frozen Letter on Merge Records / Hostess

01:21AM-01:24AM (2:57The Cramps “save it” from Off the Bone on EMI Records

01:24AM-01:26AM (1:58Ronnie Dawson “Rockin’ Bones” from Rockin’ Bones on El Toro Records Legendary Masters

01:26AM-01:29AM (3:00Ronnie Dawson “Wham Bam Jam” from Monkey Beat

01:29AM-01:31AM (2:13John & Jackie “Little Girl (Remastered)” from Little Girl (Remastered) – Single on Bacci Bros Records

01:31AM-01:33AM (2:15The Gamblers “Moon Dawg” from Surf’s Up – 50 Original Surfing Sounds on Metro

01:33AM-01:35AM (1:55Luchi “Screwdriver” from 110 Burlesque Hits – Very Best of Burlesque (Blues) on AudioSonic Music

01:35AM-01:38AM (3:00The Mummies “Whitecaps” from Never Been Caught

01:38AM-01:41AM (3:00Dave Myers And The Surf Tones “Moment of Truth” from Del Fi Surfin Hit Collection

01:41AM-01:44AM (3:00The Surfaris “Surfari” from Del Fi Surfin Hit Collection

01:44AM-01:47AM (3:00The Deuce Coupes “Nite Surfer” from Hotrodder’s Choice (Rock) on Rhino

01:47AM-01:50AM (3:00Owen Bradley & His Quintet “Big Guitar” from Teen Beat Vol. 3

01:50AM-01:52AM (1:48The Teen Beats “The Slop Beat” from Rock Instrumentals, Vol. 5 (Rock) on Documents

01:52AM-01:55AM (3:00The Chantays “Blunderbuss” from Pipeline (Rock) on Geffen

01:55AM-01:58AM (3:00The Chantays “Banzai” from Pipeline (Rock) on Geffen

01:58AM-02:00AM (2:01The Echoes “Born to be With You” from Werewolf: The Dolton Records Story 1959-1962 on One Day Music

02:00AM-02:03AM (3:00Johnny Burnette & His Rock ‘N’ Roll Trio “The Train Kept a Rollin’” from Johnny Burnette

02:03AM-02:06AM (3:00Mustang Lightning “Haunted House” from Texas Voodoo Surf

02:06AM-02:09AM (3:00The String Kings “Bloodshot” from Rockin’ Bones

02:09AM-02:11AM (2:06Billy Mure & His Combo “Bumble boogie” from Tough Strings (Jazz) on Leverage

02:16AM-02:19AM (2:43Jackie Morningstar “Rockin’ in the Graveyard” from Rock & Roll and Rockabilly (150 Original Rockabilly Rare Recordings) on White Station

02:19AM-02:22AM (3:00The Sonics “She’s A Witch” from The Sonics

02:22AM-02:25AM (3:00Kip Tyler “She’s My Witch” from Rockin’ Bones

02:25AM-02:28AM (3:00Little Richard “Rip It Up” from Big Hits & Highlights of 1956, Vol. 9 on Blue Orchid

02:28AM-02:35AM (6:29Melvins “Shevil” from Stoner Witch on Atlantic 0191

02:35AM-02:38AM (3:01Balam Acab “apart” from Wander/Wonder on Tri Angle Records

02:38AM-02:44AM (5:42MELLOW GRAVE “Raining Meth” from Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept on Pylon/Cobraside

02:44AM-02:48AM (4:09Glass Teeth “Flesh Palace” from n/a

02:48AM-02:53AM (4:40HAARPS “Tell Me (feat. Lena Covalence)” from Spiritual Ties Lp on STYLSS

02:53AM-02:57AM (3:50Salem “King Night” from King Night on IAmSound

02:57AM-03:00AM (3:00BLVCK CEILING “Girl Money” from n/a

03:00AM-03:03AM (3:00Pwin Teaks “Phantasmagoria” from n/a

03:03AM-03:07AM (4:16Drugs For Drunks “Faiairr” from Split with Mushy & Drugs for Drunks on Clan Destine Records

03:07AM-03:12AM (5:18Myth Magic “n/a” from n/a

03:15AM-03:20AM (5:06White Ring “Ixc999” from Isvolt on Robot Elephant Records

03:21AM-03:37AM (15:30Sunn O))) “Nn O)))” from ØØ Void on Southern Lord Recordings

03:36AM-03:44AM (7:30Sigur Ros “Hún Jörð…” from Von on XL Recordings (gb)

03:44AM-04:05AM (21:00Boris “Red” from Dronevil

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