Our 6-String World

The music I play on Our 6-String World (O6SW) will almost always be from the 21st Century with my goal to find the newest releases from around the world. It will feature the lead guitar, whether it is blues/rock, rock n roll, country/rock, roots/rock or hard rock. The music [...]



ProgNosis is a weekly music show that features a wide variety of progressive rock music, from the genre's earliest progenitors to the latest neo-prog acts. Recent programs have featured exclusive 1:1 interviews with host Patrick Lloyd and such prog-rock artists as Steve Hackett (Genesis, GTR), Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, [...]


Shots in the Night

Follow your hillbilly radio host Finn as he crawls through the denizens of Bunched Up County! What's it like to be born in a walk-in cooler to a bait and tackle shop? How do you enroll a family of ten in school when everyone's name is Bob? Find out [...]