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Three Days of Local Music! November 20th, 21st, & 22nd

We play KC Music all the time, but this weekend all of our music programs will be playing 100% local and regional artists

The 1st Annual KKFI UnBand Auction will highlight music from local artists for three days while providing donors an opportunity to support the station. In an effort to keep everyone safe, we are holding this event instead of our typical band auction. If you would like to donate to KKFI during the event, we encouraged you to donate online, but you can also call the remote phone bank at 888.931.0901 to donate by phone. The phone bank will be staffed during the day on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
FYI – KKFI conservatively budgets $25,000 per year from the Spring and Fall Band Auctions.

Below is how we NORMALLY hold our Band Auctions!

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The band auction is an on-air auction/music festival, featuring almost 60 of your favorite area bands and musicians for over three days.

How It Works

  • Artists sign up to donate a two-hour concert to be auctioned to the highest bidder during KKFI 90.1 FM’s annual Band Auction.
    • Solo Artists, Duos, & Bands All Welcome!
  • We schedule each act for 30 minutes On-Air during the Band Auction.
  • During that 30 minutes, listeners call in and bid.
  • High bidder works with the band or solo act to arrange for a two-hour gig sometime during the next 24 months.
    • This could be a birthday party, anniversary, block party, class reunion, or just for the heck of it party.

Advance Bidding

We do accept advance bidding.  If you wish to bid on a band but it occurs at a time that you are unable to listen or call, you can make an advance bid. Simply email our Development Director at KKFI ([email protected]) and/or call (888) 931-0901 to let us know your bid.  KKFI will start the bidding at that point on the band of your choice

Phone Number for Bidding (Including Advance Bidding)

The number to call to bid during the shows is (888) 931-0901. Bids are taken during the scheduled 30 minutes that each act is showcased on KKFI.

Click Here for Full Schedule of Band Auction(Link Coming Soon)

Minimum Bids & Credit Cards

Minimum bids may vary depending on the act, but generally the bidding starts at $150 for solo acts and $250 for bands.

All major credit/debit cards — MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express — are accepted for payment on a bid.

For Bands and Performers Only: Sign Up to Donate Your Performance to KKFI

Thank You! to all of the artists for supporting KKFI though donating your talents.

If you are a member of a music band or an individual musical performer and would like to donate a performance for the benefit of KKFI, then call Bill Sundahl at 816.994.7869 and/or email [email protected].

Please Include:

Sample of Music
Links to Website, Live Videos, Social Media
Best Available Time for On-Air Performance
90.1FM Show Preference(if Known)

Dates & Times:

Friday, November 22nd – 2p to 9p
Saturday, November 23rd –  8a to 1p
Sunday, November 24th – 9a to 5p

Thank You! to all of the artists for supporting KKFI though donating your talents.