Program Application (Propose a KKFI Show)

KKFI 90.1 FM New Program Application

Instructions: The purpose of this Program Proposal form is for the KKFI 90.1 FM Programming Committee to get to know you and the program you are proposing. The Programming Committee reserves the right to disregard or reject incomplete proposals. After you complete this proposal follow the Instructions at the end of this form.

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  • Training to be a certified programmer at KKFI consists of the following elements:

    (1) You must read the current version of the Programming and Operations Manual and related materials, and pass a proctored closed book test on its content;
    (2) You must arrange in-studio training sessions with one of our certified trainers, and learn how to operate the board, as well as to perform all of the other functions required of an on-air engineer/programmer;
    (3) Board operation also requires separate training in the PAL system, a system used to provide a variety of content during our broadcasts;
    (4) You must fulfill volunteer hour requirements as set out below; and
    (5) You must sign a document agreeing to be bound by the KKFI Mission and Philosophy Statements and to fulfill the ongoing volunteer hour requirements (see below) for maintenance of your status as a certified programmer.

    If you have difficulty in passing the test on the Programming and Operations Manual and related materials, additional training will be provided and you will have additional chances to pass the test.

    You will only get a sign-off on the board operation portion of your training when our certified trainer attests that you can operate the board professionally and reliably in all respects.

    While there needs to be at least one board operator for every show (who may also be the programmer for that show), group shows may also have programmers who are not also certified as board operators. These would be regular hosts or co-hosts who provide content, while someone else operates the board. To be a programmer in this sense, you need to have passed steps 1 and 4-5 above, but not steps 2 and 3. Your mentor will introduce you to our certified trainers, and help you make arrangements for training at a time mutually convenient for all.

    Volunteer Requirements

    To obtain your certification as a programmer and/or board operator, you need to have performed at minimum fifteen hours of volunteer service for KKFI. KKFI has, and can afford, very few paid staff, so the station is reliant to an astounding degree on volunteer labor in order to function. All of our programmers are volunteers, and donate both the time they spend on the air and the even greater time (3-4x as much in many cases) they spend preparing their programs for the air. But in addition to this time, the station itself has many needs that can only be met with volunteer labor, in sustaining our daily operations and also in station governance and decision-making. The fifteen hour requirement is a means of introducing you to some of the functions at the station, obtaining your help in getting needed work done, and also giving you a foretaste of what will be required of you as a programmer and/or board operator – outside of the joys of producing a show – in order to maintain your status as a programmer. Time spent training to be a certified programmer doesn’t count toward this requirement.

    Once you have completed the requirements to become a certified programmer, you must begin to meet the new volunteer hours required for that status. If you have a show, the requirement is six hours per month, of which at least two must be for work outside of your show (i.e. outside of both your on-air time and your time spent preparing for your show). If you do not have an assigned show yet, the requirement is still six hours per month, but of course it will all be for work outside of an assigned show. In either case, work as a substitute on someone else’s show counts as volunteer time outside your show.

    Your mentor will introduce you to our volunteer coordinator and to other people like our chief operator who may be able to help you find volunteer opportunities.