End Days

As we breathe a big sigh of relief that the Mayan calendar-inspired doomsayers were wrong, we turn to another story about the Last Judgment in Debra Zoe Laufer’s End Days. Here, a middle-American housewife has found salvation, and is preparing for the Rapture, while her rebellious teenage daughter wants nothing to do with it. But when a bookish young suitor in an Elvis suit comes calling, her daughter experiences an unexpected revelation of her own.

Starring Dane DeHaan as Nelson Steinberg; Shannon Cochran as Sylvia Stein; Kate Rylie as Rachel Stein; and Arye Gross as Arthur Stein. With Josh Clark as Jesus and Stephen Hawking, and Kenneth Houston as the Bully. Associate producers: Christina Montano and Jennifer Brooks. Live sound effects by Theresa Arrison. Original music by Rory Rumery. Music supervisor: Scott Willis. Recording, editing, and mixing engineer: Mark Holden for the Invisible Studios, West Hollywood. Our director is Michael Hackett.

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