The Mapping Project controversy; Samidoun supports Palestinian prisoners

We explore the controversy around the Mapping Project, a publication that sparked extensive controversy after it went live on June 3.  The Mapping Project identifies and maps hundreds of policing institutions, universities, weapons manufacturers, and explicitly political Zionist organizations in the Boston area in an effort to show the interconnectedness of systems of oppression.  The Mapping Project asserts that these organizations collaborate with one another to further systems of oppression, including militarism, colonialism, and Zionism.   From organizations that support Zionism and Israel as a Jewish state the responses to the Mapping Project were uniform and predictable, calling it antisemitic.  From others who acknowledge the detrimental role of Zionism in the oppression of Palestinians there was a range of views, with numerous organizations declaring their support, while others expressed reservations.  Dr Nora Lester Murad’s recent article in the online publication Mondoweiss argued that the Mapping Project, while not antisemitic was nevertheless “destructive activism.” Nora Lester Murad is a writer, educator, and activist.
We also heard from Charlotte Kates about Samidoun’s support for Palestinian prisoners.

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