Alice’s Resturant Massacree

Whether your getting up to put the turkey in the oven or heading out the door to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving ,join me for tor tapping Bluegrass Music, on Your Thursday Morning Buzz 6-8am
Joinin’ me at the table around 6:30 will be Jaime Brockett with the 1969 classic”Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic” , followed by Arlo Guthrie’s, 1967 classic, “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” at the top of the 7 O’Clock Hour!!!
Today as we give thanks for so many things in our lives, let us not forget to give thanks to all those who protect and watch over us!!!!!
Do you remember where you were 49 years ago today at 1:00pm CST????
I DO!!! Let me know if you do…..816-931-5534

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