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Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes artist Joseph Broghammer and Cerbera gallery director Philip Eirich, artist Corey with Studio Givix, writer Michael Mackie, and author Craig Pospisil and actress Elise Poehling.

JOSEPH BROGHAMMER has developed into one of the region’s most original voices whose mark making can be traced from Bosch and Brueghel to Dali and Magritte and linked to the likes of John Graham and Tony Fitzpatrick.
“Fatties” is Broghammer’s second solo show at Cerbera Gallery in Kansas City. In the realm of impressionist oil paintings, each canvas becomes a vivid tableau, narrating a distinct experience of the artist’s life. These masterpieces brim with symbolism, satire, and a delightful infusion of humor. The birds swift, almost whimsical presence evoke a sense of transience, reminding us to savor life’s fleeting moments and not to forget seemingly unimportant episodes. Against a backdrop of vibrant colors, these scenes pulse with an energy that mirrors the pulse of Zeitgeist.
Broghammer’s playful narrative transports viewers into a world of vibrant colors, bizarre encounters, and hidden meanings, where hummingbirds become a whimsical symbol of the artist’s unique perspective, and the very essence of the Impressionist spirit.
Currently on exhibit now through December 2023 at Cerbera Gallery.
Joseph Broghammer obtained a B.F.A. from the University of South Dakota, Vermillion. He also completed graduate work at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He has exhibited his work in more than 100 group shows and has had solo exhibitions around the United States, Holland, Germany and Italy. His work is a part of museums, public and private collections.

Joseph Broghammer has developed into one of the region’s most original voices whose mark making can be traced from Bosch and Brueghel to Dali and Magritte and linked to the likes of John Graham and Tony Fitzpatrick. Yet, it has only been in the past decade or so that his uniquely imaginative work has received official recognition. Two significant solo shows in the past seven years have won him the Best Visual Artist and Best 2-Dimensional Artist in the annual Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards.
Cerbera Gallery 2011 Baltimore Ave
Monday–Thursday, 12pm–5pm
Friday–Saturday, 11am–6pm Sunday, Closed

CRAIG POSPISIL is the author of the plays MONTHS ON END, SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN, and THE DUNES, among others, and co-authored THE GORGES MOTEL and ONE CHRISTMAS EVE AT EVERGREEN MALL. He has written over sixty short plays and one-acts, including DISSONANCE, which is slated to be made into a short film in Hungary next year. His work has been seen at New World Stages, Bay Street, Barrington Stage, Cherry Lane, Purple Rose, City Theatre, Ensemble Studio, Detroit Rep, and Stage West, among others. His plays have been performed internationally from Australia to Zimbabwe, and translated into seven languages. A native New Yorker, Craig lives in Brooklyn with his wife Bloomberg TV anchor Alix Steel and their daughter, Dillon.

ELISE POEHLING is so excited to return to The Unicorn with such a fantastic team! She has previously worked at The Unicorn in Our Black Death, Death of a Driver, and The Revolutionists. She has most recently been seen at The Coterie as Emma Fairfax in Doctor Dolittle, The Living Room as Macey Maid-a-Milking in Milking Christmas, and co-devising Nellie and Elise’s Clown Closet at The Black Box. She hopes you enjoy the show!
And here’s more info about the play itself — a world premiere!

JOURNEY TO THE POLES OF INACCESSIBILITY Full-Length Comic Fantasy Cast: 6-12 M or W Synopsis: Dylan is comfortable with his insular life, working at an insurance company and living with his wheelchair-bound aunt. Then he meets Chris, a young woman of boundless energy, on a quest to gather what magic may remain at the eight Poles of Inaccessibility, the world’s most remote places. Dylan and Chris circle the globe on an epic journey of discovery, comedy, danger, and romance. Set against the backdrop of extreme environments and treacherous conditions, the play intertwines elements of survival, camaraderie, and personal growth. As the characters face physical and emotional challenges, they forge deep connections and grapple with their individual motives for embarking on this perilous journey. Pospisil’s work advocates for the human spirit of exploration and the unbreakable bonds that form in the face of adversity. It celebrates the resilience of individuals and the indomitable quest for discovery.
Runner Up – Todd McNerney National Playwriting Contest at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival and the College of Charleston, SC
Premiering – the Unicorn Theatre, 3828 Main, KCMO
Runs: November 29 – December 17, 2023

COREY, Studio Givix-My Father was 100% Native American, Lakota Sioux, born on an Indian reservation in Montana. He was born Parker Lynn Gives. Gives was at some point in time shortened from Givesblanket. When Parker was two he was taken from the Indian Reservation and given to a family in Independence Missouri and had his native name stripped away and replaced with Lowry. I made the name GIVIX by taking the “GIV” from Givesblanket and the “I” and the “X” from Sioux. This was an attempt to create a word with my roots that would stretch into the future with promise, hope, and the strength to always move forward through any adversity!
Paint with Corey! Book your next party now and come let your creative juices flow. December 15, 22, and 29 at IHOP 10000 E. State Rte. 350, Raytown, MO from 5pm – 7pm

MICHAEL MACKIE- Yours truly was born in Des Moines, Iowa sometime in the 70s. And no, I did not grow up on or near a farm. Yes, we had electricity. Yes, we had running water. And to date, I’ve never worn overalls. But I’m sure I’d look amazing in them.
I’m a proud Midwesterner. And even though I travel a lot for a living, I always look forward to coming home. Home is now just outside of Kansas City where I’m nestled in the sprawling Mecca of Johnson County, Kansas.

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be in TV. Or on TV. Or watching TV. I’m not picky. I even got my degree in Broadcasting from the University of Iowa to prove to the world I was not only educated, but well-versed in sitcoms, game shows, and Oprah. (I got minors in French and acting as well. Someday, that will enable me to write, produce, direct and star in a straight-to-video project in Quebec.)
I’ve worked and freelanced for a variety of local television affiliates in Des Moines, Orlando, and Kansas City. Up until a few years ago, I was the co-host of a local, daily entertainment show, KC Live.
I’m an Aries with a Pisces rising. I had my astrological chart done once. Didn’t understand it then, don’t understand it now.
I like to write. Good thing because that’s what I do for a living. My parents never could comprehend how I earned my keep stringing words together for the universe to appreciate. Frankly, that makes three of us. But I feel like it’s what I was put on this earth to do. I was born to tell people’s stories. Whether you read it—hell, that’s up to you.
Other insipid things that make me a well-rounded individual:

• I’ve won eight Emmys. In 2000, 2009, 2010 (two of ’em!), 2011, 2012 and 2014 (two more!). They were weird categories, so don’t ask. But I consider myself the reverse Susan Lucci. The first thing I was ever nominated for freakin’ WON! And I was nominated seven times after that without a win until many, many years later.
• I’ve never seen “The Wizard Of Oz.” By choice. Although, I do know all the pop culture references. It’s mandatory because I live in Kansas.
• I’m a certified (and certifiable) fitness instructor on the side.
• I’ve never been arrested. (That anyone knows of.)
• I’m obsessed with The B-52s.
• I tried to get “Tin Roof Rusted” on my license plate. It came out TNRFSTD. People think I’m from rural Tennessee and have a scorching case of herpes.
• I’m not famous, but think I am.

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