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Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes filmmaker/artist/gallery owner Hugo Ximello- Salido and artist/author Jenny Hahn.

Friday, June 28th- 7:00PM CT at
​The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO
Muxe: The Language of Art & Culture Screening and Meet the Director
Friday, June 28, 2024, 7–8:45 p.m.
$13 public / $10 members
Join us for the screening of the new documentary with an introduction and Q & A with the producer and director, Hugo Ximello Salido. Muxe: The Language of Art & Culture documents his efforts to learn about Muxe culture, appreciate its singular history and contemporary expression, and to help share its beauty with the world. The film illustrates Ximello-Salido’s artistic journey through the perception of gender fluidity in the state of Oaxaca, directly connecting with his artistic approach through 2D & 3D artwork. Presented in commemoration of Ximello-Salido’s Muxe sculptural work on display in the featured exhibition, A Layered Presence, Una presencia estratificada featuring 22 local artists at the Nelson-Atkins and Pride Month.

“Art is the soul of our human existence”
Hugo Ximello-Salido
Mexican  Artist

Hugo Ximello-Salido’s Production & Direction will include Rolando Jimenez ~ Director  & Editor, Mikel Ramirez Aquino ~ Cinematographer & Editor, Jesus Said Martinez Ramirez ~ Second Camera & Audio , Juan Jones ~ Photographer, Tomas Vicente Contreras ~ Assistant Director. The documentary will include interviews from Dr. Heriberto Ruiz, Phd~ Institute of Sociological Research Autonomous University of Oaxaca, as well Dr. Charlynne Curiel, Phd~ Professor of Sociologica; Anthropology Sociological Research Autonomous University of Oaxaca, Leobardo Pacheco, Archeologist, Uriel Sanchez, Anthropologist  Melissa Bojiseauneau, Attorney in law and first transwoman to legally change gender in the state of Oaxaca; Muxe talents includes, Amitai Verdugo, Felina Valdivieso, Victoria Lopez, Rubi Diaz, Estrella Vasquez, Damián Xaneri, Naomy Mendez,  Elvis Guerra & Franzua Ruiz.  

MUXE: The Language of Art & Culture, the documentary tells Ximello-Salido’s artistic journey through the perception of gender fluidity in the state of Oaxaca, directly connecting with his artistic approach through 2D & 3D artwork. Ximello-Salido’s Muxe series is currently being display in various galleries in the states of Tennessee, Kansas, Virginia, Missouri, New Mexico among others, moreover, one of his sculptural art pieces is currently included for display at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO from October 2023-September 2024. 

From the Artist:

I first experienced Oaxaca, Mexico as a 15 year old, traveling from my home in Guadalajara during a crucial time in my discovery of my sexuality. The vibrant culture in Oaxaca informed my journey to self-acceptance.
Years later I would visit Oaxaca again – as an adult and an artist, now living in the American Southwest – and meet the Muxes. I encountered Felina and Rubi in Juchitan, and although I had little prior knowledge of Muxe and their culture, I was immediately struck by the enigmatic beauty and power that they brought to their daily lives.
I remembered my journey to Oaxaca as a young man and was immediately inspired to celebrate and share in this unique and vital community – a fusion of Zapotec culture and colonial influence that created a place where gender fluidity could blossom, where self-expression could create beauty, and where art and life could converge.
This meeting was the beginning of a new journey – an effort to learn about Muxe culture, appreciate its singular history and contemporary expression, and to help share its beauty with the world.

As part of my ongoing effort to celebrate and explore Mexican culture through art, I have been greatly inspired by Muxe – one-of-a-kind individuals who are assigned male at birth but grow up to dress and behave in ways traditionally associated with women. While there is some overlap with the transgender community, Muxe exists within a particular cultural context in Oaxaca, Mexico. They are not transgender women, as they don’t identify as women; they identify as Muxe. The Zapotec culture, concentrated in Oaxaca, is dominantly Catholic today and yet accepts Muxe as a vibrant and even necessary part of the community.

Muxes don’t have to “come out” to their families, since theirs is considered a natural identity. The discovery of whether a male child will be a Muxe turns into a collective one, allowing friends and family to participate in the experience. Muxe often hold skilled jobs in their communities, such as hairstylists, chefs, seamstresses, and also care for their parents and other elders. They become the guardians of the family in every aspect of the word.

The documentary MUXE: The Language of Art & Culture was filmed in 31 locations in Oaxaca de juárez and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec,
involving 22 interviews in the discovery of Gender Fluidity.

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JENNY HAHN-Visual artist, author, and workshop facilitator Jenny Hahn captures the inward journey through bold expression and a vibrant palette. She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art, and her acrylic paintings and fine art prints are collected around the world as well as licensed for inspirational products including book covers, calendars, posters, and the critically-acclaimed Wisdom of the Shadow and Wisdom of the Divine Feminine oracle card decks. Her debut book, Creative Flow: Tap and Express Your Juicy Essence offers a roadmap for moving through blocks and releasing self-criticism in order to discover the joy of free-flowing creativity and self-connection.
As a certified mindfulness teacher and co-founder of Creative Nectar Studio, Jenny leads workshops across the country helping people recover their innate wholeness and creativity using painting as a tool for mindfulness and self-discovery. She is co-host of the twice monthly podcast Creative Nectar: Talks & Tools for Heart-Centered Living in a Changing World, and serves on the leadership board of the Unity Arts Ministry, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creative expression as a path for spiritual living. Her ongoing practice of Vipassana (insight meditation) informs her creative process and teachings. She lives and works near Kansas City, MO.
Jenny’s goal as an artist is to uplift and inspire with images that feed the heart and soul.
Introducing Creative Flow: Tap and Express Your Juicy Essence, by Jenny Hahn
You are a creative being worthy of expression! Creative Flow is an inspirational guide inviting you home to yourself and your fullest potential. Whether you identify as an artist or “don’t have a creative bone in your body”, artist and author Jenny Hahn offers a roadmap for moving through blocks, transcending fears, and releasing self-criticism in order to discover the joys of free-flowing creativity, vitality, and self-connection. Packed with vibrant visuals, real-life stories, pauses for reflection, writing prompts, mindfulness practices, and expressive activities using basic art materials, Creative Flow will inspire you to invite playful curiosity, reclaim inner wholeness, and feel the bliss of being fully alive. Tap and express your juicy essence!
216 page full-color softcover book
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